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Prevent Water Damage With Roof Repairs

Think a few missing shingles won't matter much? Think again. Even minor roof damage can result in major problems. That's because leaks of any size can lead to long-term moisture damage. Luckily, LCI Construction offers roofing services to residents of Conroe, Texas and the surrounding area.

Don't risk mold and structural damage. Arrange for roofing services today by calling 832-217-9942.

Talk to a roofing contractor about a full roof replacement

If your roof has seen severe storm damage or it's over 20 years old, you may need a full replacement. A roofing contractor from LCI Construction can:

  • Inspect your roof's condition
  • Make an expert recommendation
  • Perform repairs or a replacement

Need a roof for brand-new home construction? Trust our team to handle that, too.

Learn the truth about your roof's future. Call an experienced roofing contractor in the Conroe, TX area today.