Framing Services Conroe, TX

Start building with a home framing service in Conroe, TX

Can't Find Your Dream Home? Make It.

If your heart is set on a certain house style that doesn't seem to exist in your area, it's time to stop looking at houses and start looking for floorplans. Once you've got the blueprints you want, turn to LCI Construction for home framing service.

You'll be able to watch your new home take shape before your eyes. Turn your dreams into reality by scheduling home framing service in Conroe, TX today. We offer free estimates based on the square footage of your home.

Redo your floorplan with home construction services

When your home starts to feel cramped, don't call a Realtor. Call LCI Construction instead. You can make your home more functional by adding a few new walls or even a few new rooms. Count on our team for the following home construction services:

  • Dividing wall building
  • New room construction
  • Secondary building construction

Adding closets or bathrooms to older homes often means adding two or more new walls to an existing room. Learn more about the home construction services available in the Conroe, TX area by calling 832-217-9942 now.